DAMIKI – D Pop 70


With its explosive action and disturbances that it creates, the D-Pop 70 will entice fish from a distance. The commotion the pop and spray it makes, the D-pop’s echoes can be heard off of cliff faces. With its unbeatable finish and feathered tail hook, it’s a must for the tackle box.

Length : 70 mm

Weight : 10 gram




Popper style bait that can also produce a tremendous walk-the-dog action.

It sits in the water at a 45-degree when at rest, and can almost walk-the-dog in place if desired to prolong your time in the strike zone.

A favorite of FLW Tour pro and 2010 FLW AOY, Brian Thrift, it causes a commotion in the water that smallmouth and largemouth have trouble resisting, and its action can be easily changed and manipulated by the angler.

Available in a variety of colors, the Damiki D-Pop 70 features an unbeatable finish and two super sharp treble hooks, including a feathered tail hook.



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Ayu, Black Gold Holo, BS Crystal, Chrome, Chrome Gold, Ghost Smog, Mat Tiger, Orange Spot Pearl, Red Tiger