DAMIKI – Stinger 3″ (1tone/2tone)


The standard of streamlined straight worm

Length : 3″

Weight : 5 gram

12 pcs per pack






How to catch BASS in Hi-Pressured Areas – Ft. Bryan Thrift 2017 AOY

Stinger has slender, super soft ribbed body.

The Stinger’s needle point tail provides a very seductive vibration that swaggers right through the strike zone, fish can’t resist it!

When a slow finesse presentation is needed, the Stinger’s side-to-side rolling action will catch any fish’s attention.

Color Chart

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Baby Bass, Black Mix Flake, Blue Smoke Bug (2 tone), Gold Bug, Green Pumpkin (2 tone), Motor Oil Bug (2 tone), Red Bug (2 tone), Silver Bug, Silver Snow Bug (2 tone), Watermelon Bug (2 tone)